Why Do We Need Sound Insulation?

Noise not only reduces an individual?s ability, efficiency and overall working performance but can also seriously damaging to health!
The production of noise is often unavoidable in production plants and factories. Nevertheless, it is essential that such facilities at least minimise the spread of such noise. In order to do so, technical sound insulation uses the following methods:

? Reducing the generation of sound
E.g. by removing power peaks or large pressure differences
? Reducing sound radiation
E.g. by using noise suppression plates (?sandwich sheets?), anti-drumming material, etc.
? Reducing sound emission
E.g. by using sound insulation covers, noise barriers and sound absorbers
? Reducing sound transmission
E.g. by installing absorbing and insulating room linings
? Reducing sound immission
E.g. by installing sound insulation cabinets and insulating windows and doors

We can provide the ideal measures and solutions for all types of noise problems. By showing you a range of the products and services that we offer, we would like to give you a quick insight into our work without taking up your valuable time with a multitude of never-ending texts! Our company places high value on providing a clear structure and the optimal combination of theory and practice.